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Explore our Fall 2023 catalog of tuition-free art and design classes that you can take as part of the Pre-College Art & Design Experience (PCADE) at Academy of Art University. Browse the different art and design classes we have available and select the courses that you would like to attend for our next term from October 2, 2023—November 18, 2023 (for Fall term you can take up to 2 classes).

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Available Courses

AE 41

Writing for Comics

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This class is devoted to developing scriptwriting skills for comics, for either major/independent publications or self-publication. Students will complete exercises and compose an original eight-page ...

AI for Creatives - AI Virtual Pre-College Class

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A 6-week program that delves into the dynamic synergy of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and creativity. Participants will grasp AI fundamentals, utilize AI for ideation and content creation, and explore...
AE 37

Character Design

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Students will learn how to quickly combine a variety of simple shapes to lay the groundwork for creating detailed character designs. The class will concentrate heavily on laying out simple shape combi...
AE 80

Comic Book Illustration

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Students explore the styles and techniques of comic book illustration and storytelling through penciling, lettering and inking. Basic illustration skills such as anatomy, perspective and composition a...

Concept Zine

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We love magazines and we want to help you create your own Zine! Bring your vision to life by combining latest web-based graphic design tools, engaging storytelling, and striking layouts in your digita...
AE 18

Digital Character Design

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Introduction to character design techniques utilized within the animation and games industry. Students will explore concepts such as quick drawing, line-of-action, volume, and caricature that will be ...

Exploring Animation

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A survey of animation techniques, with each week covering a different area of animation. The presentations include visual examples, and explore the principles of animation that are covered in the acti...

Fashion Blogging & Social Media

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a fashion blogger? This course will set you on the right path, as you will conceptualize and produce your very own professional-looking blog. You will also explore ho...

Fashion Construction

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In this course, students will learn how to operate an electric sewing machine, source fabrics, deconstruct then reconstruct old garments, create original designs, and cut, construct, and finish design...

Fashion Design

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This class begins with rough form on paper and the building of a concept as ideas are turned into designs. The concepts of color, design, textiles and style are explored. Students gain an understandin...

Fashion Drawing

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This course will cover the principles, practice, and techniques of fashion illustration. Students will develop essential drawing skills while working from a live model and will learn to draw a bold, c...

Fashion Marketing & Entrepreneurship

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This course covers growing importance of entrepreneurship and new business models in the fashion industry. Students discuss branding, marketing strategy and promotional techniques, and apply these ski...

Fashion Merchandising from the Retail Perspective

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This course is an overview of the important factors that are addressed within the realm of retail merchandising. Students will become acquainted with the how-tos of the professional buying process, me...
AE 11

Figure Drawing

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This introductory drawing class focuses on fundamental principles of drawing the nude human figure. An understanding of proportion, gesture, balance, and value will be developed in charcoal drawings f...
AE 70

Graphic Design

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Students learn to think conceptually and to develop their visual communication skills through understanding the combination of image and message. They gain knowledge about the design principles of typ...
AE 30

Interior Architecture & Design

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Students gain an understanding of the profession, industry skills and relationship of interior architecture and design to other design disciplines. The class incorporates a residential project to expl...
AE 91

Introduction to Acting

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Students develop their understanding of the art of acting by participating in exercises and beginning scene study. The rehearsal of scenes is an integral part of the course. Work is done with partners...
AE 33

Introduction to Illustration

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This course will introduce you to the steps illustrators take to get from an idea to a finished illustration. The many uses for illustration, from bookcovers and concept art to children's books and ma...
AE 29

Introduction to Maya

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Students will design, model, texture, light and animate a character using Maya 3D animation software. This class will be a broad overview of the tools that are used in movies, TV shows and games.

Introduction to Printed Textiles

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In this course, students will learn how to create textile designs and silkscreen print onto fabric and a T-shirt using various techniques demonstrated in class.

Introduction to Visual Effects

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This is an introduction to the visual effects pipeline. You will be walked through the process of creating a short film featuring live action, animation, and other visual effects. We will start with t...
AE 90

Motion Pictures & Television

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Students learn how moving images and sound work together to tell a story. Students shoot and edit a short narrative or documentary on videotape. Cameras and editing equipment are provided.
AE 82

Music Production

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This course will present Logic Pro X software. You will learn how to create audio with Logic PRO, including using loops, beats, and musical virtual instruments. You will also learn industry standard t...
AE 60

Painting: Still Life

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This course is an introduction to arranging, sketching and painting successful still life paintings. Students will learn to indicate the illusion of three dimensional objects through color and value w...
AE 40


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This course offers an introduction to both the technical and creative aspects of photography. Students will learn about digital camera operations and make proper exposures. Creative framing choices an...

Product Design

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This course introduces the process brands use to develop fashion products. Students will conduct trend research and analyze current trends to develop concepts and trend boards and translate these tren...
AE 89

Screenwriting Basics

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Want to get hands-on work writing for television or screen? Thinking about screenwriting as a career? Get your feet wet writing short scenes while learning the basics about screenwriting. This course ...

Sketching for Game Art

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This course is designed to equip students with some of the foundational sketching tools needed to begin learning concept art for games. Students will learn everything from basic anatomy to some of the...
AE 19

VIS for Animation and Video Games

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In this course, you will take an idea from concept to completion. You will focus on composition, figure drawing, character design, perspective, storytelling, and color and value. You’ll creae a cine...