Video Gaming: 3D Modeling

This course is designed for students who are interested in learning how 3D models for games are made. You’ll learn basic modeling and scripting and how to digitally sculpt and paint props and environment objects for a 3D scene. Finally, you’ll create a functional interactive walkthrough of your 3D scene.

Course Syllabus

As a result of successfully completing this course, students...

Will be able to:

  • Describe the roles of different types of 3D artists at a game studio
  • Digitally sculpt and paint props and environment objects for a 3D scene
  • Import, stage and light objects in game development software
  • Apply fundamental design principles to an interactive 3D scene
  • Create a functional interactive walkthrough of their 3D scene

Will display the following attitudes/professional behaviors:

  • Meet assigned deadlines
  • Accept and apply critiques
  • Analyze and discuss work using industry specific terminology
  • Prepare for and contribute to class discussions and critiques

Course Additional Information

Additional Fees: Occasionally a course will require additional fees. These fees cover labs, materials, equipment costs, and more.

Virtual Onsite Course Start and End Dates: June 24, 2023 — July 21, 2023

Online Course Start and End Dates: June 19, 2023 — August 5, 2023

Course Schedule

Code Start date End date Course Type
AE GAM25 OLJune 19, 2023August 5, 2023Online
AE GAM25June 24, 2023July 21, 2023Virtual Onsite via Zoom
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