Screenwriting Basics

In this course, you will cover story and scene structure, the development of three-dimensional characters, and the fundamentals of dialogue and scene description. As your first step on the road to a professional career, you will write a short film script.

Course Syllabus

As a result of successfully completing this course, students...

Will be able to:

  • Understand elements of screenwriting
  • Collaborate effectively with others
  • Know where to search for resources to help with their stories
  • Be familiar with screenwriting and other industry vocabulary to be able to use it correctly and effectively

Will be familiar with:

  • The English Language and how to use it properly in the form of a screenplay
  • How to use critiques to incorporate them effectively into their projects to make the story better
  • How to use resources properly to help in writing their stories
  • How to effectively tell a story
  • How to pitch their stories

Will display the following attitudes/professional behaviors:

  • Listen to instructors, guests and fellow students
  • Collaborate effectively with respect to all participants in the class or small group meetings
  • Willingness to share ideas and keep an open mind during class and small group discussions
  • Willingness to give and take comments in a constructive manner and with an open mind when discussing another student's project
  • Mature ability to interact with peers and faculty members

Course Additional Information

*Additional Fees: Occasionally a course will require additional fees. These fees cover labs, materials, equipment costs, and more.

Virtual Onsite Course Start and End Dates: June 24, 2023 — July 21, 2023

Online Course Start and End Dates: June 19, 2023 — August 5, 2023

Course Schedule

Code Start date End date Course Type
AE 89 OLJune 19, 2023August 5, 2023Online
AE 89 01June 24, 2023July 5, 2023Onsite
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