Screenwriting Basics

Want to get hands-on work writing for television or screen? Thinking about screenwriting as a career? Get your feet wet writing short scenes while learning the basics about screenwriting. This course will cover story, scene structure, synopsis, treatments and more. Students will write at least two short scenes and synopsis for those scenes. The students will also be given writing and research projects to work on outside of class to prepare for lectures in class and the final project.

Course Syllabus

As a result of successfully completing this course, students...

Will be able to:

  • Understand elements of screenwriting
  • Collaborate effectively with others
  • Know where to search for resources to help with their stories
  • Be familiar with screenwriting and other industry vocabulary to be able to use it correctly and effectively

Will be familiar with:

  • The English Language and how to use it properly in the form of a screenplay
  • How to use critiques to incorporate them effectively into their projects to make the story better
  • How to use resources properly to help in writing their stories
  • How to effectively tell a story
  • How to pitch their stories

Will display the following attitudes/professional behaviors:

  • Listen to instructors, guests and fellow students
  • Collaborate effectively with respect to all participants in the class or small group meetings
  • Willingness to share ideas and keep an open mind during class and small group discussions
  • Willingness to give and take comments in a constructive manner and with an open mind when discussing another student's project
  • Mature ability to interact with peers and faculty members

Course Additional Information

*Additional Fees: Occasionally a course will require additional fees. These fees cover labs, materials, equipment costs, and more.

Online Course Start and End Dates: February 17, 2024 — April 5, 2024


Course Schedule

Code Start date End date Course Type
AE 89 OL1February 17, 2024April 5, 2024Online
AE 89 OL2February 17, 2024April 5, 2024Online

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