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Explore our Summer 2024 catalog of tuition-free, scholarship based, art and design classes that you can take as part of the Pre-College Art & Design Experience (PCADE) at Academy of Art University. Browse the different art and design classes we have available and select the courses that you would like to attend for our next term from June 17, 2024—July 27, 2024 (online) and June 17, 2024 – June 27, 2024 (On-campus).

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Available Courses


3D Creature and Character Modeling

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This course introduces students to form through digital sculpting. These techniques are used by 3D modelers in the animation, visual effects, video game, and toy industries. Students will explore the ...
AE 65

Animal Sculpture

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Embark on an exciting journey into the world of animal sculpture with the Academy of Art University's Summer Arts Intensive program. This unique course offers high school students an unparalleled oppo...

Architecture and the City

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Architects ask big questions: as online shopping grows, brick-and-mortar stores close. How can we repurpose the empty buildings? Dream big and explore ideas for the structure Macy’s is vacating. Col...

Architecture Maker Lab

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Architects develop ideas by making. “What if?” questions are tested and refined in drawings and models in an iterative design process. Gain hands-on experience of this foundational design skill in...

Art in Architecture

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This course will teach students the abstraction techniques used to derive architectural design concepts. Architectural design is an exercise in creating three-dimensional compositions for people to in...
AE 96

Car & Motorcycle Design

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This is an introduction to the fundamentals of car and motorcycle design. Students will gain the basic skills and concepts of the transportation design process. They will complete a car/motorcycle des...
AE 37

Character Design

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Through the exciting process of character design student will learn how to quickly combine a variety of simple shapes to lay the groundwork for creating detailed character designs. Students will expl...
AE 80

Comic Book

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Students will explore the fun and exciting styles and techniques of comic book illustration and storytelling – step by step. Going panel by panel, students will see how to create in a way sure to br...
AE 30

Creating Dream Spaces

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Join us for an exciting two-week design bootcamp in which you will explore the world of Interior Architecture & Design, while getting the opportunity to design a room for your favorite fictional c...

Creativity in Design and Advertising

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Unleash your creativity in 'Creativity in Design and Advertising,' a course that introduces high school students to the exciting world of graphic design and advertising. Explore the fundamentals of Ad...
AE 18

Digital Character Design

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Through the exciting process of character design student will learn how to quickly combine a variety of simple shapes to lay the groundwork for creating detailed character designs. Students will ex...
AE 10


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Learn how to quickly combine simple shapes to lay the groundwork for creating a variety of artwork, from still-life toys, figures, and even animal drawings. Take a deep dive into the exciting fundamen...

Exploring Animation

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A survey of animation techniques, with each module covering a different area of animation. The presentations and discussions will include visual examples of the topic and will explore the principles o...

Fashion Blogging & Social Media

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In this course, you’ll use blogs and social media to network, report, and brand yourself on multiple platforms.  You will practice sourcing images and learn how to marry those visuals with compelli...

Fashion Construction

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You’ll learn how to operate an electric sewing machine, source fabrics, and deconstruct/reconstruct old garments into original finished designs. You will work on two exciting projects, the last of w...

Fashion Drawing

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In this exciting course, you’ll learn to draw a live model in a variety of poses and stances. Then you’ll put your skills to the test as you draw fashion figures, including faces, hair, hands, and...
AE 11

Figure Drawing

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In this course, you’ll learn the fundamental principles of drawing the human figure. You’ll learn how to make charcoal sketches of live models to gain an understanding of proportion, gesture, bala...
AE 70

Graphic Design

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In this exciting course, you will dive into the intricate world of typography, layout, photography, and illustration by creating packaging, posters, and logos. You will grow your presentation skills a...
AE 91

Introduction to Acting

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If you want to learn the techniques professionals use to become stars, this course is for you. You’ll learn to create and develop three-dimensional characters, analyze subtext in screenplays, and wo...

Introduction to Fashion Design

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This experience will introduce young people who love fashion and want to discover more of its creative possibilities and modes of design. Reflective of the design processes students will be introduced...
AE 33

Introduction to Illustration

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You will learn the steps professional illustrators use to go from an idea to a finished illustration. You will utilize a variety of media and transition from black and white to color as you practice c...
AE 29

Introduction to Maya

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Welcome to the world of 3D modeling and animation. We are going to look at the production pipeline that is common to most animation studios. To start a project, a character designer draws the concept,...

Introduction to Styling

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This experience will introduce young people who love fashion and want to discover more about trends and style. Reflective of the analysis and prospective thinking processes students will be introduced...
AE 15

Introduction to Visual Design

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This course introduces students to the fundamentals of digital conceptualization, design, and implementation for interactive media. Using Adobe Creative Cloud, students will learn the basics of digita...

Introduction to Visual Effects

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This is an introductory course to the visual effects pipeline. You will be walked through the process of creating a short film featuring live action, animation, and other visual effects. We will start...

Lost Wax Casting for Jewelry

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Through the exciting process of lost wax casting, students will learn the skills necessary to turn a wax model into a beautiful wearable object or a small sculptural form. The amazing process of pouri...
AE 90

Motion Pictures & Television

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Students learn how moving images and sound work together to tell a story. Students shoot and edit a short narrative or documentary on videotape. Cameras and editing equipment are provided.
AE 82

Music Production

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This course introduces you to the world of creating soundtracks for visual media - films, games and more – using industry standard digital audio workstations. You will learn how to use virtual instr...
AE 60


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This fun and exciting course teaches basic painting principles including drawing, mixing and understanding color and value, and various techniques of painting. Students begin with two days of painting...
AE 40


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Learn to use your smartphone to create visually dynamic images like a pro. In this course, you will be introduced to the technical and creative aspects of photography using mobile phone capture techno...

Sketching for Game Art

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This course is designed to equip students with some of the foundational sketching tools needed to begin learning concept art for games. Students will learn everything from basic anatomy to some of the...

Video Gaming: Game Design

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This class is all about giving students a big picture of the game development industry with its many roles and skillsets. The course starts with brainstorming a game, keeping one's mind open to creati...
AE 19

VIS for Character Design and Video Games

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Students will explore the process of development for animated and live action films by taking an idea from concept to completion. There will be a focus on composition, figure drawing, character design...